I offer some domain names for sale:

vidplay.com (and .de) -> 35.000 EUR

fairfoo.com (and.de) -> 8.000 EUR

interclips.com (and .net and .de) -> 21.000 EUR

deepwerk.com (and .net and .de) -> 11.000 EUR

stelline.ai (and .org and .net) -> 11.000 EUR

streamingkit.com (and .de) -> 8.000 EUR

unitedsheeps.com (and .de) -> 8.000 EUR

talisberg.com (and .de) -> 5.000 EUR

meinsender.de and mein-sender.de -> 1.500 EUR

hallofilm.de -> 1.000 EUR


(Prices exclude VAT 19%.)

My name is Daniel and I am the owner of these domain names.
You can contact me via daniel@schellhorn.de
Make sure to enter the domain name in the email subject!